What’s all this about?

The REDDOThunt is a 60-hour online puzzle hunt with 20ish puzzles.

In puzzle hunts, which may be online or offline, teams compete to solve puzzles. Unlike established forms such as crosswords or sudoku, hunt puzzles don’t come with instructions. Figuring out what to do is a big part of the solving process.

Check out our puzzles from 2020, 2018 and 2017 for a clearer sense of what the hunt will be like! You can also check out other online hunts such as the Teammate Hunt or Puzzle Potluck — although those hunts are significantly longer and more involved than this one.

Why were the hunt timings chosen?

We aimed for timings that were relatively friendly to teams in East Asia, Europe and America. All timings are given in GMT +8 because the Singapore puzzle community is an important target audience of this hunt (and that’s where most of the hunt organisers are based).

Is this a Singapore-specific puzzle hunt? Will teams be at a disadvantage if they have no members from Singapore?

Nope. Well, not apart from the final runaround and prize, anyway. (Completing the runaround does not affect a team's ranking.)

Why is the prize only available to teams with a representative in Singapore?

In the tradition of other hunts which are open to international teams but have site-specific prizes/finales (MUMS and SUMS; MIT Mystery Hunt), we thought it’d be nice if the Singapore puzzle community had a hunt finale of its own.

What is the final runaround?

The final runaround is a puzzle that can be solved by physically visiting an indicated location and using information encountered there.

How does this hunt compare to other puzzle hunts?

We’ve aimed to make this a relatively chill hunt (somewhat more chill than the 2020 edition). Experienced teams are warned that they might end up breezing through it — though we hope all teams will have fun, regardless of how long they spend solving! Solo solvers should also find the hunt manageable.

Who are you guys, anyway?

We’re just some puzzle enthusiasts from Singapore. We’ve been taking part in online puzzle hunts for several years, as part of the Flower Power and ogopogo teams (among others). Some of us have also written puzzles for the 2015 and 2016 editions of the (offline-only, beginner-targeted) Singapore Puzzle Hunt.

This year, we're joined by some members of Synod!

I have a question that isn’t here…

Feel free to get in touch with us at reddothunt.sg@gmail.com!