Round 1

You're planning for an upcoming trip with your friends. It's going to be the journey of a lifetime! Before you're ready to set off, some preparation is in order.

Health Check-up
House of Games
Product Placement
Shopping List
To-do List
Trip Finances
Preparations on Track

Round 2

You're setting off on an epic Journey to the West. But watch out for the demons along the way!

Capture the Flagration
Demo Jigsaw
Fortune Cookies
Science Diagrams
Seaside Holiday
The Beast's Lair
Finding the Demon

Final Puzzle

You successfully identify the evil being, but it disappears before you can do anything. Suddenly, the temperature rises, and the familiar landscape around you changes...

The Three Disciples


You help the suffering people, continue on your way, and eventually achieve your ultimate goals. Years later, you make another trip to the west -- to visit the House of Tiger and Leopard.

Nostalgia Trip


(received by teams which solved the Runaround)

As you roam the grounds of the House of Tiger and Leopard, you recall the wise words of a group of sages called ☊ MISCELLANEOUS SYMBOL SINGAPORE CIRCLE LINE, whom you met earlier in your journey: each of the demons you encountered represent a sin in mankind, of which we are all guilty. Yes -- maybe the real treasure was the amends we made along the way.

Having reached this enlightenment, you sit quietly by the lake and reflect about the wrongs which you had righted together with your fellow disciples, and the memories you had made that would last a lifetime. After reminiscing, you stand up with a satisfied smile, and realise that it's time to close this epic chapter of your life and head forward into the future -- no longer looking back.

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