The Beast's Lair

This demon wants to play a beastly variant of a classic game.

Something that is owed
Non-standard way to say 'get off a locomotive'
A Venetian leader or cryptocurrency name
Huge exhibition
English wind that blows in Cumbria
Chess master Kieseritzky
Impartial or bland
Equipment for rowing a boat
Extra note at the end of a letter
Go in every direction
Metamorphic, chatoyant gemstone
Eldritch, creepy
Large or clumsy
Numbing agent or clear sky
Ancient Greek goddess of crossroads
You might find this stone, also called safari jasper, on crystal healing websites
Events with food, drinks and entertainment
Expert in tennis
Someone who assigns 'PG' to movies, for instance
Made anew, performed again
Casual shirt
Periodic table element below Molybdenum, formerly