Seaside Holiday

This demon gives you a brochure of iconic villages by the sea.

Must see ...

This northern European city of seven mountains is popular among German tourists in summer. Aside from the beach, visitors can also walk in the duinen or visit the aquarium.

The City of Arcades is a popular surf spot on the Pacific west coast, welcoming both professional and novice surfers all year round.

Lying in a region known for its tulip fields and windmills, this seaside town in a Home County attracts many tourists each summer to its North Sea beaches.

Located in the Grand Canyon of Europe, tourists flock to this très belle ville at the tip of the estuary each summer to enjoy the cool breeze on the Atlantic beaches.

Home to the Red Devils, this coastal town has become increasingly popular since the release of the eponymous film in 2016.

Aside from being the fashion capital of the world, this stylish town on the Adriatic coast is also home to la Casa delle Farfalle.

As the capital of green cape, this beach resort is located on the instep dello stivale and has a rock outcrop 100m off shore, featuring a number of large sea caves.

Home to a regal Ivy League University, this village on the Pacific coast attracts many big wave surfers and was host to an annual contest for the unorthodox.

Once known as Paris of the west, the residents of this saintly fishing village won't hesitate to greet you with a friendly "¡Hola!". With 30 miles of Pacific coastline to the south, sports fishing is now a popular activity among visiting tourists.