Product Placement

On , The following two Down clues:

New, weirder bobblehead
Omphalos clue reworked in 44-Across

Have been replaced by:

Originally notice weirder bobblehead
Nub of clue reworked in 44-Across

The Google sheet has been updated accordingly.

Only half of my experiments resulted in change, despite the other half starting off promisingly.

1. Less valuable science class not completed by copycat (7)
6. Optic layer clears, incredibly (6)
10. Oakland team almost walked ballplayer (5)
13. Curious Erin painstakingly moves to grab something from a bag (7,2)
17. Swamps barrels after total reversal (7)
18. Ocean provided iodine and carbon beyond receding wave's crest (7)
19. Neverendingly long period of time (4)
20. Musical gift left nobleman (4)
21. Pursuers sabotaged power grabbers (8)
22. Black bird dog (6)
23. Ink coats edges of her round body parts (7)
25. Senior takes in paintings with English dramatist (6)
27. Inverted a pastry's layers (6)
29. "French city, French gold," the French reply, briefly (7)
31. Plan: bury half of chemical in South America (6)
33. Head of family in pergola playing children's game (8)
37. Lab crushed yttrium competently (4)
38. Fashion magazine letter read aloud (4)
40. For example, Londoner evenly stilled confection (7)
41. Ida drew mad English king (6,1)
44. Breaking into run, one trills phrase in song by The Animals (6,3)
45. Seized car contains restricted copy (5)
46. Island excessively protective of place for tea (6)
47. Lost persons keep going (5,2)
Down (Experiments)
4 of these give 10 genotypes in humans; swap last two for whatever's left (2 wds)
Breakdancing Josephine
Replicated ingot before surprising Deane, sixties sitcom star (2 wds)
Crosby keeps it sharp
Reynolds Aluminum dropped out of brutal restructuring
Erases agitation of bucks when two trade places
Almost permit going after fashionable gum ingredient
Confusedly pay dolt after essentially voiding ticket (2 wds)
Test versions lacking initial airport predictions
Item for optic cleansing (dark brownish-purple) you returned
Fluorine, lanthanum, sulphur, and hydrogen light up
Hot intellectual property's parts that might be replaced
Strauss among notable Viennese
Tradesperson moans after renovation
Kim's pose unfortunately conveyed the wrong meaning
Originally notice weirder bobblehead
Nub of clue reworked in 44-Across
Trilogy of tragedies Globe linked to ester spilled near Iowa
Yellow penguin description starts to rock Antarctic research expedition
Feel bad about guitar string double-plated with rhenium, true
Person getting up, hugging excellent Mad About You star
Expert comes back, interrupting stunted descendant: it's a sign
Female dons swore at corrupted programs
Fair knight's attendant has article for author
Story about second-rate place to find elements periodically?
Ski lift incorporates request for row of functional buttons
Institution of tantalum and tellurium
Easily-spotted vanadium, iodine, and sulphur I almost completely drained

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